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i would like a full refund for my lifetime membership this is alot of bull i saved up and went without a few things to be a lifetime member where did u go with our money i see i am not the only one that got took for a lifetime member ship why are u not responding to anyones response are u out of money cause your ceo,s had to many big parties with our money or do you just not give a *** about hard working people i gues i need to talk with a lawyer andmaybe start a class action lawsuit if we dont getanswers

Product or Service Mentioned: North American Fishing Club Membership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

North American Fishing Club Pros: It started out good and then went to heck in a hand basket.

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I joined a few years back and haven't received anything in quite sometime I want to join the class action


Yep, add me to the list of suckers. I lost money as well.


I also lost $350. Pissed but told nothing can be done.


I bought this for my son and it is very short of a scam. This was a few years back.

I was just looking to see if maybe it has gotten better.

I guess it hasn't. What a shame.


Why u stop sending me a monthly magazine w/o any notice? Shame


I am really pissed!! That was a lot of money for me to become a lifetime member and not even a letter or email to let us know they were closing down.

So where did our money go?? Was this just another scam? I guess we are just screwed again.

Are there any honest clubs anymore?? I guess not.


I've been left behind by the North American Fishing club. So much for my money


same happened to me i havent heard from them or received anything in a long time ive been in sine 2011


Same here member since 06/2003. They went ghost on us,refund us our money or send our goods.


Life Member since 2004 and haven't seen or heard anything from them in years WHY !!! We all should get our money back


Yes, i am a life time memeber. At what benefit?

I havent received anymore magazines for quite some time.

Why is that? I would very much like a full refund as well.


Life member here as well, if we are not satisfied soon I will be contacting my AG and Dept of Consumer Protection.


were is my money for lifetime

@Herman Keller 90320801

I have been a loyal customer for years and they just stopped sending me my required gifts and other benefits the club said and promised to deliver as being a patron of the club for many years I deserve money or my benefits.


I've been a life member for over 20 years I've haverd any thing form them.


Life member also, what happened to your org. Need this taken care of, magazines of fishing articles started out great then nothing!

Why? Where’s my refund since you can’t hold up your agreement


I am a life member and haven’t heard a peep from them in years (just like the North America hunting club). I also think it’s time to get the AG involved in both


Just found Steve Pennaz on facebook. Check the intro upper left corner It shows him as one of the founders of NAFC.

Named to Fresh Water Hall of Fame in 2016. Has this guy got balls or what.

Time to contact Minnesota Attorney General to investigate him and the where abouts of NAFC. Everyone file a complaint and maybe everyone will see what he is all about.


Glad I got out when I did.


Been a life member for about 20 years. Attitude went downhill steadily with club.

Great at first then *** Test items were mostly cheap junk. Anything bought turned out to be poor quality. Knives are ok but only got 3 of collection and they quit coming.

Waste of time and money. Fork out hard earned money to get ripped off.