I am a lifetime member of the North American Fishing club. I am in Ky.

Last year they sent me a calendar along with a bill for $20 or so. I didn't order or want the calendar but I went ahead and paid them. This year they did the same thing. I had torn it open before I realized what it was and that they wanted money for it.

I don't think I should have to pay for something I didn't order and don't even want. I can't find the calendar to send it back. Truthfully it probably got tossed into the trash.Do I have to pay for something I didn't order? How can I stop them from billing me.

I complained to them and they sent a return postage thing to return the calendar. What are my rights?

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All I have to say is..well, everybody else already said it!!! SCAM!!!!

Everything they say is soooo true!! I called them and had them cancel me, but we will see :( I bet they freakin send me something so I have to deal with sending it back. They overwhelm you with books and *** you really don't want. One time they sent me a book and in that book was a letter to them from this guy in portland.

He wrote that this book is damaged (wet). So they didn't even check the book for any reasons.

So, I left a letter in the book as well. Weird..


We just had the same thing happen where they sent us a calendar that we didn't ask for and now have to pay or spend the time and money returning it!! The North American Fishing Club is a HUGE SCAM! Stay far away!


This Club is a money pit.

I was receiving books or DVD's several times a month.I called to cancel my membership and was told that they would continue my membership (I was paid up)but no longer send any media to me.

With in the next month I received two more books,made another call and they told me they would send me a return label and put my account in a inactive state so I wasn't billed for the media.

It took three weeks for them to send the labels,I taped the packages together attatched the label and brought them to the post office and dhipped them back within three days of receiving the labels.

Figured it was a done deal.WRONG they sent me a past due bill for both of the items,this was about two weeks after I sent them back.

I'll call again,but I will NEVER deal with these people again.

The free gifts that they send were junk hooks and swivels and the like,maybe $3.00 worth of stuff.I think they are just looking to load you up with media and hope you don't return it in time so they can keep billing you.

Not the kind of CLUB(?),I wish to be a part of.

I'll keep you posted on what happens next.

Talk about taking advantage of your own?????????


One of the benefits of membership to the North American Fishing Club is that from time to time we send exclusive NAFC member products for your consideration to purchase or return (we’ll pay the postage on any initial offer). If you chose to not participate in these programs simply contact the Club to let us know.

I understand from your post you received the return label, but are not able to locate the calendar itself.

We would be happy to take care of this for you. Please contact Member Services at 1-800-843-6232 or email memberservices@fishingclub.com.

to North American Fishing Club Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, United States #673499

What a crock. I requested repeatedly to be removed from their "book review club" and still got the books etc.

They seem to think thier members are responsible to pay the postage for the unwanted *** they send.

Member Services and NAFC are oxymorons. Try the Better Business Bureau instead.

to North American Fishing Club #1488970

If you receive mail, it is yours. You don't have to pay, don't have to do anything but keep it or throw it out.

You don't have to pay for it if you didn't orderived it.

If the company sends it to you, it's on them not you. Can't charge some for something just because you mailed it, doesn't work that way.

K'anak'erravan, Yerevan, Armenia #85532

I don't think you have to pay for or return something you didn't order even if the return is free. I think they should stop harrassing you

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