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Phone number

What is your phone number


Fishing club

How do I go about joining the club



I paid for a life time North American fishing club membership 20 years ago and I haven’t heard from them or received the fisherman magazine in years! What’s up with that? have you stop publishing would really love to start receiving again always enjoyed very much, please update me life member90046728 7# fc


North American Magazine

Why am I not receiving my fishing magazine


Life time member, no magazine or anything from club

What has happened to the Fishing Club. A plain explanation would probably satisfy a lot of people. After looking on here I see I'm not the only life member with this same problem.


Upset customer

Is there any way or contact Nort American Fishing Club? My husband is a lifetime member but hasn't heard from them in over 2 years.

Cannot find anything online. His membership number is 90248713.


My Life Membership

Why haven't I heard from NAFC in years , I'm a Life Member haven't been able to contact , no more magazines newsletters promotions nothing , what has happened ??? Please help and respond


why haven't heard from NAFC in years. I'm a life member haven't been able to contact,no more magazines,news letters,promotions nothing.Whats happened???


My email address above

If needed TY


Life member

To whom it may concern, I am a lifetime member. My membership number is 90233561.

I haven't received any correspondence from "north American fishing clubnine a very long time.

No magazine, no club letters, nothing. Has this become a dead entity?


Chang address

How do i get my magazine to my new address ?


Dear Sirs, please send me a phone number, my number is 541 2008468


not recieving my magizine

I am a life time member and have not received a magazine in some time .why member 6/2005


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