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North American Magazine

Why am I not receiving my fishing magazine


Life time member, no magazine or anything from club

What has happened to the Fishing Club. A plain explanation would probably satisfy a lot of people. After looking on here I see I'm not the only life member with this same problem.


Upset customer

Is there any way or contact Nort American Fishing Club? My husband is a lifetime member but hasn't heard from them in over 2 years.

Cannot find anything online. His membership number is 90248713.


My Life Membership

Why haven't I heard from NAFC in years , I'm a Life Member haven't been able to contact , no more magazines newsletters promotions nothing , what has happened ??? Please help and respond


why haven't heard from NAFC in years. I'm a life member haven't been able to contact,no more magazines,news letters,promotions nothing.Whats happened???


My email address above

If needed TY


Life member

To whom it may concern, I am a lifetime member. My membership number is 90233561.

I haven't received any correspondence from "north American fishing clubnine a very long time.

No magazine, no club letters, nothing. Has this become a dead entity?


Chang address

How do i get my magazine to my new address ?


Dear Sirs, please send me a phone number, my number is 541 2008468


not recieving my magizine

I am a life time member and have not received a magazine in some time .why member 6/2005


Member ship

I'm a life member and haven't received any of my magazine for some time will you texts me or call me on my cell number thank you William kane


not getting benefits i paid forare

are they doing that to just to disabled people


How do I get ahold of the NAFC? ALL PHONE NUMBERS DONT WORK!

I am a life member and have not heard from The North American Fishing Club for a long time. They owe me a pile of magazines. Possibly some legal action should be looked at if they are no longer going to abide by our agreement.


Same BS gor me. What happened?

I am a Life Member. Approximatetely 28 as a Life Member. Where are my magazines, etc.

Robert D Skiff Sr. 573 286 7599 phone.


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