I joined the Legacy knives collection I need ,3 knives to complete order I have been getting the runaround for over 5 months I just want my last 3 knives to complete set what a JOKE THE ONLY OPTION I HAVE IS TO HERE EXCUSES AND WAIT. NAFC HA HA

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We are in the same situation. We found a few that we bought separately from ebay, but still need 3 more.

It really sucks to have the case with all but 3 missing! NAFC does not respond at all!

We tried to contact Americas Legacy, and that are no longer in business!


You can find most of the knives on eBay. You could try that route to complete your collection.

I currently have 8 of the knives & just purchased the 9th one after finding it on eBay (the seller has several of them, so you still have a chance at getting that one). The last one is proving to be elusive, but it may show up eventually.

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