Fort Collins, Colorado
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As with the other customers listed, I paid for a lifetime membership. They have terminated their print magazine without notifying or refunding their customers.

Complaint to the company was met with a suggestion to sign up to their online website, which is available to any non-paying member of the public. Their actions constitute fraud at the very least.

I see over 200 complaints here. I suggest a class action lawsuit be taken up with the company, and encourage all other members to contact your respective state Attorney Generals offices.

Product or Service Mentioned: North American Fishing Club Membership.

Reason of review: Fraud.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

  • Fishing club scam
  • Fraud Activity
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They were sold yo ScoutLook who went bankrupt and were bought by CBS. ScoutLook has now merged with huntsmart.


Same here. Life member since Feb 1995.


I have been a member for over 20 years , I remember paying like $300 back then for my life membership, what a joke , I should have given that money to the homeless at least I would have known where my money went.


I did not know what had happened to my magazines. They just stopped coming.

I too am a life member. I'm in for a class action suit too!


i am also a life time member and have not got all that was promised to me. how they can get away with this is just not right . if there is a class action againest them put my name on the list


Is there any new news on the lawsuit


I have been a life member sence 1/21/99 I want my money back they do not send the magazine out and have not honored there contact Thank you chris grellman


I really don't think we will ever get are money back and that sucks for all of us I put in a lot of money with them peace of ***


I paid my Life Time membership havent received a thing Is there a lawsuit aginst them if so I want in also


I paid for life membership and would like a refund of $200


I just found out about the lawsuit and I want to find out more about it. I am a lifetime member also.

since the 90's. Its a shame that they did this Took people money and stopped sending everything.


I had been a life member for may years of hunting and fishing ,we have bee scammed . We deserve what we paid for , They have broken numerous laws including .mail fraud


I also paid for lifetime membership and haven't heard anything from them for awhile now.


if there is a lawsuit I would like to get in on that. I have a life membership and had been recovering from a nasty accident when this happened.

Im finally awake enough to contact someone and just now found this out. my email is


Is there a lawsuit?


I wondered what happened I want in on this lawsuit to


I paid for a membership and haven't heard anything


I became a Life Time Member back in the mid 1990's, and haven't heard anything from them in years. I think they owe us refund with interest.


Paid for life membership, I have nothing to show for it. What happened?


I also paid for a life membership and have not heard anything in a very, very long time. If they are not going to correct this , I will join a class action lawsuit.